Post-operative instructions

Patient Information

Post-op instructions

It is important that you follow all post-operative instructions to ensure you avoid any complications. Mr Petterwood will provide you with specific instructions and rehabilitation protocols based on the procedure you have had.

Wound Care

Keep your limb elevated as much as possible during the first 2 weeks.

Leave all your dressings intact until your first review with Mr Petterwood at 2 weeks post-op.

Keep all dressings dry and clean. If you have a waterproof dressing only then you may shower with no other precautions. Where a bulky bandage or plaster is used you will need to keep this dry by covering it with a garbage bag when showering.

Do not bathe or swim until at least 2 weeks after surgery.

Mr Petterwood uses dissolvable sutures so no suture removal will be necessary. (Except in some foot and ankle cases)

If your dressing needs to be changed you can replace it with a waterproof dressing, such as an Op-Site, from any pharmacy.

Do not hesitate to call us if you have any concerns.

Pain Relief

Unfortunately a certain amount of pain and swelling is inevitable in orthopaedic surgery.

You will be prescribed pain-relieving medication by Dr Unwin and Mr Petterwood post-operatively.

Ice packs and elevation of the effected limb are excellent ways to help with post-op pain.