Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement technology.

From late 2017 Mr Petterwood has been exclusively using the Navio Robotic-Assisted system for both total and partial knee replacements.

The Navio Robot uses a sophisticated computer navigation system coupled with handheld robotics to enable precise and accurate bone removal and implant positioning. Each patient’s surgery is customised providing a patient specific solution to your knee arthritis.

A more accurate procedure tailored to each patients’ unique anatomy may lead to greater post-operative satisfaction and less risk of future revision surgery.

Mr Petterwood has been part of the Limited Release Team bringing the Navio system to the Australian market. He is on Smith & Nephew’s international teaching faculty and the Australia Visiting Surgeon Program­–a program designed for orthopaedic surgeons to learn first hand from Mr Petterwood.

Learn more about what to expect from your Robotic-Assisted knee replacement here.

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