Surgical Fees

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Surgical Fees

Despite being covered by both Medicare and Private Health Insurance there are usually some out of pocket costs associated with orthopaedic surgery.

Surgeon’s Fee

Mr Petterwood is a ‘known gap’ biller. This means that the majority of the surgeon’s fee will be paid directly by Medicare and your Private Health Insurer.

You will be charged a ‘gap’ of between $400 and $500 depending on the complexity of surgery. This is payable seven days prior to your surgery date.

Prior to your operation, we will ask you to complete an ‘Informed Financial Consent’ form, which clearly explains the surgeon’s fee.

Surgical Assistant’s Fee

The assistant’s fee is sent directly to your Private Health Insurer.

Anaesthetist’s Fee

Dr Unwin will invoice you directly for the cost of providing the anaesthetic. You will then be able to claim back the majority of this cost from your Private Health Insurer.

Hospital Costs

This is normally confined to any excess you may have with your Private Health Insurer.

Uninsured Patients

Please note Mr Petterwood does not see uninsured patients at Calvary Hospital. Uninsured patients can be referred to Mr Petterwood’s clinic at the Royal Hobart Hospital